Why Us?

What makes Imbue special?

Imbue and my practice are shaped by three continents and three disciplines. I am the product of India, South Africa and Britain. A holistic approach, spirituality and cutting edge technology and business practice of India; Ubuntu, positivity and resilience of South Africa; and the coaching, training and leadership gleaned from the intellectual capital that Britain offers, all impact on my work as an executive coach. For the client it means that diversity, a keen understanding of local culture, and the agility to adapt and tailor my coaching to global, national and organisational challenges are a given. While I am based in England, I travel to South Africa and India for two months annually to coach, gain further experience and remind myself to remain true to the values that encapsulate the richness of these countries and my clients.

Similarly, my training and experience in Psychology, Education and Human Resources pervade my work. I have worked as a lecturer in Pretoria, a lay counsellor, a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and senior manager in various schools in London and Berkshire.

Imbue’s vision statement is ‘Performance coaching: Shaping leaders, driving results’. My clients report greater confidence, more use of emotionally intelligent language and behaviours and greater fulfilment in their lives. This is all good. We know that there is more to this though, don’t we? Results, outcomes, making a difference. Imbue’s logo is blue. Reaching for the sky? To nth degree – and then beyond. At Imbue, clients know that there are higher realms waiting out there for them. And my coaching helps them identify those realms and how to get there in a specified time frame.

Take another look at Imbue’s logo. It is an arrow reaching for the very top – like all my clients. No surprises there. You will see also that it is curved. Exactly like those curve balls that are thrown at my clients every so often. As an executive coach, that is exactly what I am here to do – elicit the best from you as you position yourself to catch that curve ball. And in this instance I speak as an expert because I have caught a few curve balls myself, both personally and professionally. These experiences certainly shaped me as a coach. I learnt even more humility, gained resilience, developed a greater sense of empathy, trusted my instincts more, re wrote my personal vision, made a promise to myself to always be true to my values, found my true north. And it revealed to me that trust is crucial.

Imbue’s services are pervaded by the element of trust. Trust between the client and the coach. Trust in the process of coaching. Trust that we will work together to Imbue you with the skills, attributes and attitude that you most desire. Be it leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, presentation.

If you are on the threshold of greatness and ready to actualise your potential – I am the person to get you there. Clients choose Imbue because they know they will be coached by an experienced professional who led an organisation herself and who integrates coaching into the strategic vision and direction of their organisation.

Code Of Ethics

Imbue adheres to the Association for Coaching ethics.
This means that you will be coached by a professional who has the qualifications, skills and experience to fit your development and support needs. And this is done in an ethos of trust, respect, confidentiality and sensitivity to the client’s unique and amazing complexities.

BA Hons (HRD), BA Hons (Psychology), BA (English), Performance Coach Training: Coaching Skills for Leadership Executive Coaching Certificate Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching: Fundamentals Certificate, NPQH, HED, Lay Counselling Certificate, and MAC.
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At Imbue we don’t just coach –
We Imbue you with all that you need, to be all that you can be.

Founder and Director at Imbue