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Client Testimonials

Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching, Team Coaching

Well into the second half of my eighth decade, with a successful career behind me, I did not consider using an executive coach as I planned to re-enter the professional speaking profession on a serious basis, after a lengthy period of relative inactivity due to health issues, which have been fully resolved.
As soon as I met Sudhana, I was struck by her ebullient but polite personality. She demonstrated honesty, drive and determination alongside deep personal understanding and insightfulness.
She has helped me enormously by identifying many of my activities that steal time from my achieving main objectives. She has done this whilst maintaining a supportive attitude throughout.
As a result, I am working to a definitive plan, which is already leading to doors opening and putting me on target to achieve my plan to become the No. 1 speaker on Customer Experience in UK, with an international reputation.

– Don Hales
Co-Founder & Chairman: Awards International Ltd; International Consultant: Customer Experience Foundation; Former CEO of The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management; Co-founder & Chairman, Awards Trust Mark; Founder Member and Honorary Life Fellow, Professional Speaking Association, UK.



‘’Sudhana has high emotional intelligence and is a person of exceptionally high integrity. Her clients value her desire to see everyone flourish in their lives, because she believes that everybody can. She has the qualities of leadership that engender confidence, trust and respect. Her professionalism is exemplary.
Sudhana motivated colleagues with whom she worked through her clear and ambitious vision and her ability to establish effective professional relationships underpinned by open communication. Her focus on critical issues, and the shared development of these issues, enabled her to facilitate deeper discussion to help deliver and shape organisational priorities.’’

– Mehar Brar
Independent Education Consultant, Ofsted Inspector, Local authority Advisor, UK.


Motivational Keynote Speaker


Sudhana’s polished presentatiom about Kindess, Kale & Kettlebells can’t fail to motivate audiencesas it did when I heard her speak last night. She has confidence, poise and purpose. Shes hares an astonishing story involving survival and thriving against the odds. Quite inspirational. And she’s a lovely person too!

Mark Lee

Speaker and Mentor for Accountants;Futurist; Influencer; Author


‘’Sudhana Singh’s talk to our staff left a lasting impression on all who were blessed to receive her inspiring and motivating message. Despite the serious and often challenging topic of discussion, her charismatic nature, sincerity and authenticity resonated the challenges faced by many of the women in the room during her address at our 2018 Woman’s Day function. The staff who have read her memoir Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells have gained empowerment, knowledge and strength in dealing with their own issues. Sudhana has positively influenced the lives of the women in our organization during her short visit with us.’’


– Rushka Mahadeo.
HR Executive at PFK Electronics HQ, South Africa




Career Coaching, Skill Coaching
‘’Sudhana’s coaching helped me in my current, established High Street business of thirty years by enabling me to gain fresh perspective and clarity of direction. This resulted in increased profitable growth. Her coaching motivated me to develop my new Startup by giving me the confidence to manifest my ideas and make them tangible. Sudhana’s high energy and creativity in her coaching has brought out my true potential.’’

– Nathan Sedgewicke
Businessman, Slough, Berkshire, UK.


Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching

‘’It is a wonderful experience to work with Sudhana. As an executive coach she possesses the ability to connect and to work with compassion and resonance and yet she manages to find a beautiful balance between excellent standards and being a truly humane professional. She has a warm and clear style and I always feel safe to explore complex issues and decisions with her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach, as she always ensures that her clients feel valued and accepted.’’

– Gergana Vassileva
Managing Director, UPR Consultancy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Executive Coaching
‘’Sudhana is strong, sincere and dedicated in everything that she does. She is professional, focused and will scale any Everest before her. She has the ability to extract your best qualities and is driven by a can do ethos. All this is attained whilst maintaining the high moral ground. The word defeat does not exist in her vocabulary. If you want to see your best self emerge, I would recommend Sudhana.’’

– Tim Jeebodh
Speaker at Uthukela District Municipality, South Africa.


Executive coaching, Professional coaching, Business coaching
‘’As an executive coach, Sudhana is the consummate professional. She is patient, supportive, insightful and agile enough in her coaching methodology to adapt her approach depending on the situation. Her ability to apply her knowledge to diverse areas, quickly grasp the underlying issues of a problem while remaining true to the core values and vision of an organisation set her apart.

She facilitates the coaching in a manner that allows me to unlock the answers for myself, which greatly improves my self-awareness, confidence and effectiveness as a business leader. She has helped me to accelerate the planning and execution of my professional and personal goals. I have benefited from her training, skills and coaching best practices to the extent that I have experienced a marked improvement in my approach to dealing with issues that arise at work. Without any doubt, Sudhana has made a positive difference. I would recommend her coaching skills to any organisation interested in improving its business efficiency. ‘’

– JS.
Professional Engineer, Telecommunications Industry, South Africa.


Leadership coaching Imbuing Your First 100 Days
‘’I will like to place on record my sincerest gratitude to Sudhana for the tremendous impact that her Leadership Coaching has had on me in my role as Deputy Principal. Her knowledge, skills and experience of school management, leadership and headship has helped me to prepare very effectively and confidently for my interview as Principal. I was appointed as Principal following interview.
Her niche is certainly ‘Your First 100 Days’ as her calm, reassuring and charismatic approach enabled me to face my challenges head-on, and to confront my own personal fears and anxieties and work through them with confidence and ease.
Her professional approach and deep insight into educational issues, both in South Africa and the United Kingdom, enabled her to assist me with my professional and personal challenges. It is very encouraging and stimulating to work with someone who has such a positive, inspiring and sensitive way of dealing with real issues that confront school leaders.
Sudhana’s enthusiasm and passion for her work makes her a delight and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to having her in South Africa later this year to training and encouraging my staff, and to motivating my Grade 12 learners when she addresses them. She leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.
I strongly recommend Sudhana and her Leadership Coaching and training to any organization that strives to have empowered, goal-driven, focused teams to lead their institution forward.’’

– Reverend Lalita Walters.
Secondary School Principal, South Africa.