Sep. 14, 2018 / Youtube
Women’s Month in South Africa is a celebration of how far we have come in closing the gap. Strong women have led the way. Their daughters use this script and edit it to change their narrative. Here’s the link to my latest youtube video
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Sep. 1, 2018 / Youtube
No matter the change – be it Brexit or the dismantling of apartheid – Nelson Mandela will continue to depict this leadership lesson to every visitor to South Africa. Watch my video to see how you can leverage your leadership no…
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Jul. 4, 2018 / Youtube
You’ve landed the job and are with the partner of your dreams. You feel fulfilled, at peace and are filled with joy, right? If you aren’t, watch this video to see why…
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Jun. 27, 2018 / Youtube
How you can change the world one act of kindness at a time. Watch my new video here
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Jun. 14, 2018 / Youtube
Do you trust yourself? Have you been doubting yourself lately? Check out my very first video on self-belief… here
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Jun. 11, 2018 / Blog
My smile, which helped me make friends from the very first day he left me at the school gates. Showing me how to serve others as a teacher, mentor and coach, and not wait for a reward. Teaching me the joy of play, which I now share with my own…
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