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7 Steps to Life & Business Mastery for Entrepreneurial Leaders


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Reviews for Nail It!

“Sudhana Singh is a very brave author, sending her book for review to an old, very experienced, successful University Professor whose first degree was in English Language and Literature from Oxford University.


The world of books on success is full of second rate tomes, mostly written by people who have failed themselves, offering gratuitous advice on how to be successful, with absolutely no scholarly or scientific underpinning. So it was with a big sigh of scepticism that I opened this book and I was fully prepared to write it off as yet another piece of trivia to be littering the self help shelves of bookshops— indeed, even if it got that far.


Then, however, I learned the lesson I have taught my students all over the world about education— be open-minded! It is a very short book (which is not a bad thing), but she packs into the pages so much wisdom and good solid advice, that I had difficulty putting it down.


Let me leave it to you to judge for yourselves, but in my view it is a veritable gem and I am now thrilled that Sudhana (whom I do not know) sent it to me for review.

Well done, Sudhana and thank you for reminding me, amongst lots of other wisdom, to have an open mind!”

Professor Malcolm McDonald MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc

“Sudhana Singh takes us on an intoxicating journey to become a successful entrepreneurial leader – a book bursting with insights from successful leaders, backed up by research and practical self-coaching questions. An inspiring read!”

 Dr. Paul Field, Enterprise Agile Coach

Sudhana Singh has a wonderfully written very personal account of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneurial leader. Delving into examples from history, she has brought it right up to date by sharing insights from her interviews with current leaders. Using analogies from her upbringing in South Africa to her time in the UK (with her career and family), Sudhana has managed to bring life and depth into what could have just been another step-by-step guide for entrepreneurial leaders. The book, unlike some of the older leadership reads, is up to date tackling real-life issues facing leaders; personal brand/image, the prevalence of social media, diversity & inclusion and emotional wellbeing. I believe that leadership is a quality not only for the boardroom but one each and everyone should aspire to. Therefore this book should not only be for entrepreneurial leaders but anyone who wants to make a success of their lives. An engaging and practical must-read guide for everyone.”

Dr. Rakish Rana, Leadership Coach

“From the moment I started the book I was engaged in Sudhana Singh’s life examples and stories, and the amazing stories of other entrepreneurial leaders in each chapter. Whilst this book can be read by anyone seeking to advance their life and career, I would advise young women, career women, and women in general, to read it. Nail It! will give you clear direction on how to blaze your path, personally and professionally. Thank you Sudhana for an eye-opening inspirational book.”

Jane Thomas, Director and Lead Training Consultant

“Nail It! is an easy yet deep read. If you are an early stage entrepreneur, it will provide you with insights and challenging questions to develop self-belief and clarity. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, it will remind you of key first principles; so you don’t forget them in the pursuit of success. This book is not about numbers game or growth hack, it is about developing a mindset.

 I enjoyed reading many real-life stories, anecdotes and distilled lessons. Interesting and useful.

Sudhana has managed to keep the language simple while making hard-hitting points, true to the title of this book.”

 Ani Kaprekar, Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Speaker

“Having read Sudhana Singh’s first book, I began reading Nail It! full of curiosity as to how she would approach an essentially motivational book following an autobiographical one. Also, given that there are many books on motivation, how she would make hers stand out above the others.


I need not have worried. Sudhana’s rhythmic style of writing, combining personal observations and researched comments from a range of insightful, but largely unheralded, leaders and entrepreneurs, makes her book unique in many ways and provides many revealing glimpses as to what actions are needed to bring about success. This book is not primarily centred on financial success but also recognises the importance of spiritual and self-satisfaction success.


The book is extremely easy to read, both due to the compelling material and interesting writing style. Furthermore, the learnings from this volume can be put into action immediately and should produce fast results.


Personally, I found the chapter on servant leadership of great interest and it drew my attention to an area that I had not previously been aware of.”

Don Hales, Co-Founder & Chairman of Awards International, The CX Expert,  Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, Author