Imbuing Your First 100 Days

imageedit_2_454510927242325-200You’ve walked through fire… you researched the company, networked with just the right people, wowed them during the interview, negotiated the package that still makes you shake your head in wonder, met your colleagues and got the job! And you know that’s where the real work begins…Your first 100 days as an executive in your new position.

Whether you’ve been an executive for years or this is your first senior role you already know that it’s a defining moment. You have your hands full with figuring out the climate, nimbly side stepping and diffusing the minefields, striking the right alliances, establishing and fostering subtle nuances with your direct reports and carrying out your leadership with the gravitas and qualities that inspire and motivate.

This is where we come in. Imbue helps you to live your vision for the first 100 days. You know that what you do, and how you do things in the first 100 days, will define the length of your tenure, your leadership style, your quality of life, the stressors that will impact on you, and the sheer exhilaration that you feel as you start a new leadership journey.

Imbue offers executive coaching weekly or fortnightly over a period of three months, taking you through the first 100 days and beyond. For an obligation-free consultation of your coaching needs contact Imbue.