An EXACT Head Start to a New You


Does the thought of lofty promises to yourself leave you feeling overwhelmed? Are you wondering how you are going to achieve your new year’s resolutions and for how long you will be able to sustain your resolve? If so, there is a simpler way. The EXACT model of goal setting is streamlined, maps out the year’s goals in bite-sized chunks and holds you accountable throughout so that you feel in control of your goals.
Instead of choosing several goals at once at the beginning of the year, why not try setting your  goals using the EXACT approach on a quarterly or bi-annual basis?

In her book Performance Coaching, Carol Wilson outlines how the EXACT model is used by organisations to set challenging goals.

Your goals should be:
Explicit – Have a single, clear focus.
EXciting – Be stated in positive terms, enthuse and motivate you.
Accessible – Be measurable.
Challenging – Propel you to be the best that you can be and enable you to realise your full potential.
Time-framed – Achieved within six months if you set bi-annual goals or in three months if you choose to set quarterly goals.

Whether this is the year when you set out to land that big promotion, lose three inches off your waist and keep it off, commit time to a meaningful relationship or write that book you know is in you, set out your goals in clear, challenging and measurable terms. Write them down and review them halfway through your set time frame and then measure outcomes at the end. This will keep you accountable to yourself and remind you of the hope, promise and energy that fuelled you at the start of the year.

The photo was taken in December 2015 at Connaught Place, Delhi.

Sudhana Singh is the Founder of Imbue Coaching. Contact her on  to discuss how performance coaching can help you set your goals and achieve them.

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