3 Words You Most Want to Hear

Business meeting - Young man presenting his ideas to colleagues

Business meeting – Young man presenting his ideas to colleagues

Have you ever done your perfect elevator pitch and heard the response ‘Tell me more’.  Or asked someone for help and they replied with these three words? Remember how it made you feel?

‘Tell me more’ opens the door to new possibilities. It heralds the promise of a new relationship, gives the green light that someone is interested and marks the beginning of an alliance. It makes the recipient feel valued and respected and fills the space between two people with anticipation.

How can we adjust our presentation style so that we hear these three words more often?

Speak  with:

Clarity  and  succinctness –  We are bombarded by requests through email, text, voice messages and snail mail. To gain and hold the attention of your listener/s  ensure that you prepare meticulously, are  clear about what you want to say and that you are  brief. Say too much and the person is distracted by their mobile or their own deadlines.

 Courage and confidence – If you don’t show your hand or take a chance you will probably never be invited to elaborate on your great idea. Remember those you most admire pitched their dreams to someone once.

 Vulnerability – Conversely vulnerability   gives your message strength and power. It shows your listener/s  that you are revealing  not just your strengths but your areas for development.  It also reflects your self-awareness.

 Sincerity – The last time you watched a political debate did you note the moment a speaker lost his or her credibility with their audience? Lack of sincerity is a tangible thing that sours dialogue.  It happens when the speaker ceases to be their authentic self, tries to cover up their true motives or fudges when they don’t have an answer.

 ‘By being natural and sincere one creates revolutions without having sought them’ Christian Dior

Humility – You and I both know that you have the ability to change the world but what makes your message valuable is when it is tempered with humility. My Mum did volunteer work for a charity that feeds hungry and homeless people, young children in particular, on a regular basis. On one occasion she asked me to accompany her to collect funds for this. I cringed with embarrassment but went along. When I heard her speak of whom the hot meals were intended for and the plight of the recipients, I stopped thinking of my ego and began to focus on what was important.

Positive body language  – In a digital age the chance to speak  in person in the same room, is an increasingly rare opportunity that you should seize upon and  use to add weight to your carefully crafted message by using open body language, relaxed gestures, great eye contact and warmth to enable your big ask or tough message to land gently and elicit the most important – ‘Tell me more’.

And if the door is shut in your face and you haven’t heard: ‘Tell me more’ in a while, rest assured, you have gained more practice. Fine tune  your  message and how you deliver it and get it right the next time.

Have you heard these three  words recently? What helped you? Tell me more…

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Sudhana Singh is the Founder at Imbue, a  coaching and training company aimed at leaders. Her niche is coaching  executives in their First 100 Days.  She is a former Headteacher and lecturer with  a background in HR and Psychology. Follow her on Twitter @ SudhanaSingh.

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